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D.he world is big. 7.77 billion people times 7.77 billion ways of looking at life and themselves. I'm one of them. One with a rock-solid view of the happy life. Often I pause and ask myself, what does it take AT LEAST for my Judith-I to stay. How much of me is absolutely necessary to be happy here alongside all the other 7.77 billion peoplen?

There are also troubled times in my life when things don't go according to plan. All these moments in my life when I was clearly too little with myself. Troubled hours in the night. Times when there was something that didn't correspond to me and me. Basically, I just had to look closely. Instead, I just looked elsewhere in those moments..

However, my self-determined I was never fooled. No matter how far it had disappeared in the background for a little while, it appeared at the right moment and showed me how valuable and important I am. That I can believe in myself every minute. And how important it is that in my life I make sure that I firmly believe in myself and my talents..

And what do I need for that? What must be in my feel-good package for happiness and belief in myself?t?

No matter what is going on around me. I find my happiness and my belief in myself and my strength here:



Like a large all-encompassing root that extends deep underground, love and support in my family anchors my I. I draw strength and love from these roots every day. Without the support of my family, everything that defines me would not be possible.

Judith Clara Kunstwerk Frau und Kind 


As soon as I draw, I'm home. No matter how turbulent the world is around me. In me there is only calm and a firm feeling of security when drawing.



In one line on the paper. As soon as the brush starts, there is no turning back. Just the line on the white paper. Until my picture is ready. I can't stop before I'm done. The end is what I wanted or not.

I'm starting over and I'm excited to see where the bottom line will take me this time. And then I keep doing the same drawing for so long and so often until the expression is as it was in my head, as I imagined it. And at some point it is there: that one particular expression.

I am euphoric in the flow at 180 km / h. Sometimes so strong that dizziness seizes me and I have to force myself to put down the brush. To then resume the flow later until my drawing is exactly as I see it.



Enjoy life to the fullest This includes inspiration from other people who I think are great. I don't waste a moment. Life inspires me..


Judith Clara

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