Special No. 17 ♥ REDHEAD

Special Edition No. 17 READHEAD by JUDITH CLARA shows a woman with long, full red hair, propped up on her elbow with a hand on her chin. This minimalist piece in One Line Art style can be easily combined with the other Special Edition works of art.


Special Edition No. 17 REDHEAD cannot be overlooked. With her flaming red hair, she immediately makes it clear what she is - simply cool! This work of art by JUDITH CLARA looks good in rooms that welcome a little extra portion of self-confidence.


No. 17 READHEAD belongs to the Special Edition category by JUDITH CLARA. Only selected, particularly popular works by JUDITH CLARA make it into this edition. With Special Edition No. 17 ♥ REDHEAD there was no doubt from the start that she would be there. Welcome!






»No matter what YOU do - I'm cool»

Special Edition No. 17 REDHEAD is one of those people who would have loved to be a best friend in elementary school. She sits there rock solid and gives the impression that nothing or no one can ever seriously upset her.


Special Edition No. 17 REDHEAD reminds us to activate the cool side in us when it is needed. Insecurity and questioning yourself from time to time is human. In tricky situations, however, it is a good little trick to rely on your own coolness at first. The secret of many strong personalities is not that they wake up extra cool in the morning, but that when it matters, they push the coolness button in their heads.


If you need a daring heroine in your life, Special Edition No. 17 REDHEAD is happily close by and reassuringly winks at you: You can do it - stay cool.


Just stay cool every now and then!



P.S.: Because READHEAD is so cool, it is also available on special high-quality Munken Pure paper, in a creamy white color, in a limited edition.