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»My book is so exciting that I am not interested in anything else around me at the moment«

The No. 3 WOMEN AND BOOKS of the new series of works by JUDITH CLARA shows a woman from the front, sitting or lying on her stomach reading a book. The minimalist work of art No. 3 in them ONE LINE ART Style can stand on its own or can be easily combined with the other women from the 9-part series WOMEN AND BOOKS.


Munken Lynx rough soft white, 300 g
coated canvas on a stretcher frame, 4 cm thick
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Paper: 10x15cm, 30x40cm
Canvas: 40x40 cm, 40x50 cm, 45x60 cm


All of my works were created in the ONE LINE ART style. Especially if you prefer a more reserved, minimalist furnishing style, work no. 3 in the WOMEN AND BOOKS series is a very nice furnishing element for you. It is suitable for a plain Wall decoration or just as good in a small format as a bedtime eye-catcher on your bedside table.

Your favorite book
No. 3 should inspire you to pick up your favorite book and not let go of it for a long time. Reading an exciting story in a book brings you into your special flow. Enjoy the tense rest while reading and make yourself really comfortable. Maybe you will do a little tea ceremony to do this. No matter how you make yourself comfortable, the important thing is that you have your own time for yourself..

Your time
If you have the need for flow and relaxation in your home, No. 3 of my new series of works, WOMEN AND BOOKS, suits you really well. With No. 3 you bring your little flow of concentrated tension into your home.

No matter what the world is doing around you, a look at work no. 3 beams you straight back into your own world. A world that belongs only to you all alone.

Have fun with your flow tension!